The Lost City review

The Lost City is an action comedy film released in 2022, directed by Adam Nee and Aaroan Nee, starring actors Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, and Brad Pitt, the plot tells the story of the writer Lolita, who is famous for writing romantic adventure novels, was kidnapped by a wealthy man with an eccentric personality, asking her to help find the great secret treasure described in the book. This has worked with Lolita’s male model Alan to prove that he is not only the hero of the novel, but decided to launch a rescue operation, and embarked on a fun jungle adventure. Now, you can easily watch The Lost City free online.

The heroine played by Sandra Bullock Lolita is a novelist, who had published several adventures and love two subjects combined best-selling novels, but also popular Channing Tatum as the male model for her cover photo Alan, but now Lolita is in the dilemma of creative exhaustion.

Due to the death of her adventure-loving husband a few years ago, so that the “Lost City” heroine Lolita lost the motivation to write, under the publisher’s pressure to write a lot of implausible plots that even she could not accept.

But even in the face of constant pressure from the outside world to give her a deadline, the protagonist Lolita rushed her new novel The Lost City to the early rate of closure, but the problems she has to face are not over. In the original grand book launch party, not only as the author of the style completely by Channing Tatum as the cover of the male model only Allen to steal, and even outside the scene angry ready to leave, by unknown persons forced kidnapping.

Daniel Radcliffe plays a billionaire who is passionate about treasure hunting and has even reached the point of near madness. Due to the discovery of the heroine Lolita based on her late husband’s archaeological research to write the novel The Lost City, with their treasure is looking for a considerable degree of correlation, to get the relevant clues from her, they decided to kidnap her to a remote uninhabited island, and this is the story of the film The Lost City’s background.

However, the interesting part of the film is that the heroine Lolita was kidnapped, usually always ignored and despised by her male model Alan to prove his worth decided to rescue the process. From requesting the assistance of Brad Pitt’s “survival expert” Jack, the two successfully found the lost Lolita to take her on the run, to later unexpected mistakes, The Lost City is a lot of sudden laughs, to give the audience a fun-filled experience.

Overall, The Lost City combines different types of elements such as action-adventure and romantic comedy, although not like “Mysterious Seas” has a strong flavor of treasure hunting, the whole film put focuses on the chemistry between the actors, through the kind of their fictional plot, but also in the real life of the ridiculous helplessness to create a lot of laughs, to make a new interpretation of the classic old story, somehow quite interesting, if you want to relax and relieve stress, “The Lost City” is still worth watching.

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