Signs That Indicate To Go For Firebase Alternative

Firebase is Google’s platform used for better mobile and web development. This helps the entrepreneurs to build, improve, and scale their app products. The platform provides tools that make the product development process a lot easier. It’s suitable for developing and providing but the developers have to put a lot of time and effort into actually creating it. There are some limitations in the Firebase that make developer’s switch to its alternatives.

When not to use Firebase?

Firebase continued innovating and dominating the backend as a service (BaaS) but some concerns have led developers to look for the result-driven Firebase alternative. Here is some complexity that makes the way to choose alternatives.

  • Data migration problems

 When you host the data, all of the data is hosted on Firebase. This is one of the major problems of using BaaS platforms as your backend. Unless it provides you with the migration tool, you cannot transfer of user’s data and this brings strong limits on data migration. It makes users dependent on the platform and there is no way to transfer the app to another source.

  • Inconvenient data storage 

The majority of the time we use the real-time database as the main storage, this isn’t always good. The main problem is because of the limited querying capabilities. In this, you can’t query for more than one key at a time and the service doesn’t provide a way to filter your data. The format also excludes the option to model the data.

  • Android centered 

Firebase capabilities differ for Android and iOS apps. If you are making it for Android, then it will be Android centered. It’s the one system that gets most of the dedicated services and facilities. It can be easily integrated that supports a wide range of Android devices. When it comes to iOS it should be handled in the best way.

  • Ensure high data integrity 

Firebase does not guarantee data integrity as it has very dynamic data structures. You cannot constrain your data on the database level and it is important to keep the business logic on the code level. Bugs are inevitable and in Firebase the data becomes messy.

It is very crucial, to sum up, the pros and cons of Firebase. You need to look for the Firebase alternative to get better data storage and improve the dynamic content. Also, this accelerates the development process that enables faster results.