The Legal Aspects Of Recording Communication

Some may wonder whether it’s lawful if your conversation with another party is being recorded. This usually happens in a business setting and this question may arise whenever another party needs to use that recording to fix an issue. Now, it will become a problem if the conversation was recorded without the client’s consent or knowledge.

It’s so easy nowadays to record voice calls, phone calls, video, or other audio. With just a click of a button, these activities could lead to criminal prosecution. With modern technologies readily accessible with just a touch of our finger. Recording communications is becoming rampant and may appear seemingly normal in the workplace especially between colleagues or solving issues between employees and employers.

Recorded communications have been there for business continuity and workflow processes. Recorded communications refer to communications obtained by the organization from their clients or other parties involved. Most companies rely now on various digital platforms to do their tasks like job interviews, work meetings, online classes, online shopping, attending a seminar, workforce, and more. These digital platforms may be Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, and other digital communication platforms.

Whenever it is necessary for communications to be recorded such as video and call monitoring, the important part of it is asking consent from the parties involved. Federal and state in different countries like the US, UK, or Canada have existing laws and regulations when it comes to recording communications.
Organizations must follow this to avoid getting penalized to become fully aware of these imposed laws and following them. It will also keep them from total close-down of their firms.
Moreover, this also calls for civil claims and might be used against organizations that know nothing about the legal aspects of recording different types of communications.

Telemessage created an infographic about the legal aspects of recording communications. Check it below to know more.