Biometric Technology: A Brief History

For the longest time, passwords have been used as the authentication method for different things. From opening up your device to logging into your accounts, accessing important files down to finishing transactions– passwords are there. But as time goes by, the flaw of this verification system has been slowly revealed.

Over 80% of data breaches were found to have a root cause related to passwords, which just showed how susceptible they are when it comes to hacking and scams. Because of this, several developments were made. Among those developments include multi-factor authentication, wherein users can connect their email or SIM to their accounts and log in using those credentials along with their passwords. But even with these efforts, passwords remained to be insecure and inconvenient. 

Good thing, in 2010, biometrics was finally introduced for public utilization. In 2013, Apple launched iPhone 5, the first phone to have the Touch ID feature. Today, we enjoy using biometric technology in more ways than one.

Internet is such a dangerous place, and everyone might be a victim of hackers or scammers who are just waiting for the moment to use your accounts for illegal purposes. With that in mind, professionals in the technical department are continuously finding ways to provide users a much safer, secured, and seamless login experience without needing passwords. With that being said, FIDO2 was developed. This security protocol ought to ensure users a more efficient way of logging in without using passwords. Apart from this, improvements such as delegated authentication and Electronic Know Your Customer or eKYC portal were all developed to ensure a more robust verification process. 

These are just a few examples of how biometric authentication evolved through the years. Thanks to these advancements, most users do not necessarily have to keep a list of passwords and constantly worry if they’ll be victims of scammers. But if you still got lots of questions and want to know more about the history of biometric technology, you can read further through this infographic created by Login ID. 

Biometric Technology: a brief history