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The Fiesta Movement: A Situation Study in Social Internet Marketing. Presenting the Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta Movement: How to produce a “Conversation” among “Buddies”

Many people adopt brands their buddies recommend. To produce strong brands a company should have a discussion using their “buddies” and “recommend” an item. Social networking enables an internet marketer to build up a friendship using their customers after which have conversations by which brands are adopted. A vintage situation study for this is actually the recent social networking campaign that Ford adopted introducing its Fiesta, a eu vehicle, in to the American market.

Ford required to create awareness with this product. Their target audience were the millennials (ages 18-49). Millenials have 70 million driving, 77% possess a social media sight and 28% possess a blog. A tournament was devised to pick 100 people that might be given a Fiesta they are driving for six several weeks. The competition was the start of the “conversation”. Ford desired to attract 100 individuals who were very participating in Social Networking platforms. Four 1000 people required part within the contest which meant that many individuals the prospective market were engaged, initially. A number of these people when on their own sights at Twitter and facebook and spoken regarding their experience. Lots of people blogged about this. This produced great initial awareness.

Ford did make use of a little control so the agents, because the winners from the contest, were known as. These were requested to accomplish a “mission” month that will engage their target audience on social networking. Agents were selected for his or her type of existence. They were individuals who went places, met people, who then engaged a lot more buddies through posts, blogs, photos, videos. They were individuals who had “conversations” using their “buddies”. Ford discreetly suggested their agents would go ahead and take vehicle to particular occasions that will involve exposing the vehicle to a lot of individuals the Fiesta target group. The agents did what Ford wanted these to do, they did the things they might have done anyway. They published and blogged regarding their encounters using the vehicle. Ford now were built with a strong presence within the social networking for his or her vehicle.

The agents produced a powerful brand for that vehicle. Individuals don’t trust corporations, so trust for any brand is produced through social networking by permitting others to produce relationships (“friendships”) with the vehicle. Ford arrived at to individuals who’re listening and allow them to perform the speaking on their behalf, and to connect with people like themselves. These relationships produced inside their target audience permitted Ford to promote themselves as “real people” much like their “buddies”. Ford could produce a brand by developing a conversation with “buddies”. Each “mission” was upon YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.