How can a volunteer database make volunteering easy?

Non-profits cannot function and survive without the presence of a comprehensive database of volunteers and donors. They help in running various social campaigns and making them popular. Volunteers are an essential part of any non-profit. They help in driving campaigns, supporting events and fundraisers, taking care of administrative duties, and contributing their time and skills to the non-profit in whichever way they can. As the non-profit grows the number of volunteers also grows and it becomes tough to manage them effectively. This is the reason why non-profits should invest in good volunteer database software like the Vome Volunteer database to track and manage volunteers and their activities. 

Volunteer database can make volunteering easy in the following ways:-

  • Helps create and optimize profiles: You can easily create and optimize your volunteer profile by putting in information like your basic information, contact info, skills, availability for shifts, social causes of interest, training, certifications, and milestones and achievements if any. Creating a profile makes it easier for non-profits to track the number of working hours of the volunteers. It also helps non-profits to assign tasks to volunteers as per their social causes of interest. 
  • Match interests with the right volunteers: With thousands of volunteers in the database with numerous skills and specializations, it is difficult for non-profits to manually assign tasks. This is where the volunteer database is put to use. It helps to find out the right volunteers and matches them with their areas of interest and skills. This saves a lot of time and resources and the work is done effectively. 
  • Milestones and achievements: These are a great way to motivate volunteers to perform more efficient tasks and be a part of social campaigns. The database updates your milestones and achievements and such appreciation gives the volunteers a sense of accomplishment.
  • Accessible handbook and training materials: The database comprises all kinds of important information that a volunteer will require like the volunteer handbook and training materials in one place. The volunteer handbook is a single point of communication that helps volunteers with necessary information like Mission, history, goals, policies, Legal info/disclaimers, and Direct point of contact (supervisor, manager, etc.). Staff Directory.

Volunteer database software is necessary for a non-profit as it saves them a lot of time, resources, and effort. Such a volunteer database not only manages volunteers but also provides proper training and resources to these volunteers to get their work done in a better way. Therefore, you must use volunteer database software to build an effective organization with easy accessibility so that you do not spend on administrative tasks and concentrate on furthering your non-profit’s cause.