Hotel Channel Manager: What Are The Perks For Your Hotel?

Being a hotel owner, you do wish to sell the maximum possible number of rooms, that too at the most lucrative price. The clear thing to do in the present time would be to make the inventory of a hotel available at the most desirable digital marketplace.  Here a pms channel manager can be really helpful and handy.

You know, hotel owners place their rooms for rent on online platforms like otas, metasearch engines, and also their own brand website to make sure that their customers are able to spot them wherever they go to make their reservations. A good and effective channel manager system can definitely address such a quandary.

The point is by making use of a channel management system has turn out to be a virtual must-have for hospitality and accommodation providers of all sorts of sizes over the past decade. Large hotels have been making use of channel managers, or something similar, for years and even decades, but in the present time specialized technology to manage the online distribution of room inventory is definitely available at a reasonable cost for hoteliers and even owners of even the tiniest of hostels, b&bs, guest houses, boutique hotels, or vacation rentals.

There is automatic update

Once properties manually manage their distribution on more than one platform or website, they are needed to meticulously update availability calendars and even track bookings multiple times in a day. Once the distribution is not updated in real-time with api automation, it enhances the overall risk of errors. A couple of the most common errors include overbookings, even double bookings, reservation detail errors, and even missing out on online sales (e.g., open availability was incorrectly closed).

Real-time update of inventory & expense 

It saves you the overall hassle of going from one channel to that of the other to update the status of room availability, every time any booking gets received. Rates can even get updated at one point, and the change is performed in all possible connected channels.


Overbookings is something that remain the largest threat to properties that manually manage their overall inventory and distribution on channel partners. Once a property has more than one distribution channel and even lists the same room throughout those channels, it turns out to be likely or inevitable that the same room might be booked by manifold channels.

Overbookings are definitely bad for guests and properties. Guests will not really return to a hotel after being walked and even are extremely likely to leave a negative review on the web and on websites. A channel management system is going to reduce the danger of overbookings, if not really remove it completely.

Reservation detail mistakes 

Manually managing overall inventory often means transferring reservation information from an email or even extranet to a spreadsheet. When reservation details are not really automatically transferred from the booking source to a reservation management system or even property management system (pms), there is spaces for error. Errors having the names, dates, occupancy, even check-in times, room type, or even other types oof details can easily emerge. Simple mistakes like these can influence current room availability and future booking requests. This conveniently confuses both you and even the guest and results in poor customer service.

You can make data-driven decisions

Managing all the inventory manually often means logging into the extranets of manifold different websites multiple times a day. Even the time that gets spent conducting a quick twenty -minute channel check can add up swiftly when completed two times a day, seven days in a week.

For example, just imagine a property distributes its overall inventory on four channels. The twenty minutes it takes to simply check each channel becomes more than an hour. Assuming you check every single channel two times a day every day, that swiftly turns into more than fourteen hours a week, it is just checking and even updating channels!

While even the best hotel channel manager may not remove the need to manage your distribution channels, a channel manager enables you to do it with an easy all-in-one solution. On average, you know a good manager can saves properties ten minutes per week per two rooms per even connected channel. With such a calculation, a one hundred -room hotel that is linked to five channels saves up to even more than forty-one hours a week. Or, a simply twenty -room property linked to three channels can save six to seven hours a week.

Here, the point is the saves saved labour hours simply move from busy work to even that of tasks that can more positively impact your business. Instead of tensing about in case the reservations and availability are simply updated, you can even concentrate on more strategic tasks like the dynamic pricing strategy and even distribution management.

Property managers, even revenue managers, and distribution managers are much more organized people simply because it’s an essential piece of their task. But, when technology automates diverse types of processes, they can even spend their time optimizing rather than simply organizing.

Lost Opportunities

It is convenient for a property to miss booking opportunities in case the overall channels are not really properly updated in real time. For example, just think a reservation cancels and another possible guest is searching for travel at the same date and time. That room is not going to become available until you manually update that specific channel, which may result in a lost opportunity of sale. Similarly, you know to manage overbookings, a property may list just part of their inventory on every single sales channel, limiting the overall exposure of property availability and, therefore, conversion. A channel management solution diminishes the chance for missed opportunities because the distribution system on partnership websites is somewhat automated.


To sum up, it is true that the technology continues to alter the way hospitality businesses work for the better. Channel management systems like Aiosell in particular, help managers and staff save much of their wasted time and ensure productivity.