Hire Web Design Professionals to Improve Sales Funnel And Marketing ROI


ROI or rate of investment determines the success level of business strategy. You get feedback on the different marketing techniques’ performance. The knowledge about vulnerable advertising content gives a chance to tweak or completely stop it. Thus it helps to save the budget from getting wasted and you can spread these dollars on the promotional tactics that are showing good results. 

An example for calculating ROI – A company gets 50 leads every year and each lead is valued at $10,000. If the company invests $15,000 in improving web design then an increase of approximately 10% leads via high conversion, increased traffic, and consistent branding expects to enjoy 233% of ROI. Great results for a small investment!

Griffon WebStudios is a leading web design firm. The expert team has helped clients fulfill their digital marketing ROI goals. Websites are digital hubs of a business. The purpose of this asset s to comprehensively engage viewers, guide them across and direct them to the information they came in search for. A business website is the pillar of a digital sales funnel. Therefore the framework has to be ROI-focused so that less interested prospects are converted into satisfied customers. 

What do a basic sales funnel look like?

Awareness – The customer gains awareness about their problem but is unaware of how to resolve it. Therefore they start looking for resolution on the internet or recommendations on social media channels.

Evaluation – The customers recognized their issues and are taking steps to research available solutions. They will read blogs, visit websites, and compare features.

Decision – The customers will review their options and decide to take action.

How to examine each sale funnel step while appraising your business website?


For this initial stage, it is necessary to get found. Website optimization is the way to get found organically during searches on Google. The traffic needs to find your URL. Your website has to be user-friendly, easily navigable, and appealing. If the web design is poor, then prospects will hardly give a chance. 

Putting yourself in the market appropriately is essential for a potent marketing ROI. More than 66% of marketers feel that their top marketing goal is to enhance SEO and improve organic search visibility. 


The structure of your site needs to be user-friendly. Potential customers can learn about your products and services with ease. Navigation has to be simple and online resources like industry white papers or blog has to be accessible. 

More than 46% of potential buyers engage with some kind of content before they contact the brand or their sales rep. If your website cannot help users to navigate smoothly via this crucial research phase then forget about enhancing your marketing ROI.


It is the crucial stage of the marketing sales funnel. The buyers are concerned before they commit to investing. Your site must lessen these anxieties by being organized. It includes proper landing page structure, call-to-action placement, and interesting on-site text. Experiment with CTA because it can increase conversion rate 80X more. 

A well-designed website increases exposure, generates high-quality leads, improves customer retention, builds brand recognition, and ultimately boosts marketing ROI.