Get Seamless and Uninterrupted Video Wall Display with LED Screens

If you have ever been a part of a control room environment, you will know receiving information, analyzing it, and responding to situations in an emergency are so vital to certain operations. We have to use real-time intelligence appropriately is very important so that proper protocol can be followed in responding to emergencies. 

For those who work to provide accurate information inside the control room, having the latest and fast working technology is the key. Multiple screens are required to be monitored simultaneously and clearly so that all angles are analysed before forming a solution. Video walls form the foundation of operations in a control room. 

The 2 most commonly used technology for creating these video walls are LED tiles or LCD panels. Both have their share of pros and cons and one need to choose the technological solution that suits their need more appropriately. LED screens are preferred nowadays because of their longevity and excellent display of the images. 

LED screen installation for creating a video wall can be really expensive. This is why LED screen hire services have gained so much importance in the recent past. Dynamo LED Displays manufactures LED displays in Dubai and the UK as well. Their LED screens are made out of premium quality materials and undergo stringent quality testing before getting out in the market. They also have rental services for all forms of LED displays in the UK and their expert team can also make customized LED solutions designed for tackling emergencies in the control room. 

Benefits of using LED tiles in the control room

  • Good viewing angle and viewing characteristics:

  • Image quality, color, and brightness look good on any screen when we view from the front but off-angle display clarity is very important in the control room.
  • LED displays provide just the same. 
  • According to the viewing distance in your specific workplace, you can select the right pixel pitch and have a clear vision even from an off-angle. 
  • LED provides amazing brightness even from the off-axis and provides a sweet spot for all the images irrespective of distance. 
  • Uniformity in brightness and color balance:

  • Providing 97% brightness uniformity, LED video display walls are far superior to LCD that gives you a uniformity of 85-90%. 
  • Most of the advanced LED panels used for creating display walls have automatic features to calibrate the color balance over multiple screens. 
  • Seamless view:

  • When we create a video wall display in a tiled fashion, the distance between 2 screens can dislodge the entire purpose of the wall. 
  • LED screens can touch each other so that the pixel distance between 2 tiles remains the same between adjacent screens. 
  • This provides a seamless view and image quality. 
  • Some enhance LED systems also have features like x, y, z-axis integration, and automatic seamless correction to provide an uninterrupted view. 
  • Cost-effectiveness:

  • The initial cost of a LED display is much higher than LCDs.
  • However, when the overall performance and durability are taken into account, it becomes more cost-effective. 

If you are on a very tight budget, but do not want to compromise on the quality of the video displays in the control room, you can opt for LED rentals instead of purchasing them. You can visit the YouTube channel of Dynamo LED Displays to learn more about the technology they use in their LED displays and to view the product catalog that they currently offer.