What To Expect from WordPress Maintenance Package?

Everyone needs their website to reach its fullest potential. You just can’t build it, launch it and forget it. There is a need for ongoing WordPress maintenance to ensure the site is well-optimized, running smoothly, and completely secure.

WordPress maintenance packages are available in different sizes. Check out the different website maintenance plans on Setmysite. You can choose one suitable to your business needs.

Common services to expect from the WordPress maintenance plan


A backup plan is a priority. A WP site with plenty of content updates may need backup at least once a day and a full back up every week. On the other hand, a site with few updates may not need frequent backups, but must schedule full site backup storage off-site.

The professionals take care of updates and ensure everything works at peak performance! With a regular update routine, any bad update is patched and fixed.


Security monitoring and guaranteeing full recovery is a challenge. Offering basic monitoring, security, updates, etc. is simple. Clients pay professionals for being proactive and keeping their website safe but if an unpleasant thing occurs then professionals step in to offer a full recovery.

A comprehensive maintenance package ensures your site is monitored actively for malware and viruses. Cybersecurity is essential, especially when you own an eCommerce store. The professionals make sure that each security measure is taken so that customers feel comfortable purchasing from your website.

Small edits

There are small website changes made often like editing an existing webpage, adding a new page, changing contact details, or replacing images. There may even be a need to add a new feature or fix broken links. Most of these edits are time-sensitive, so make sure that the website maintenance agency will support and get it done.

Uptime monitoring

A technical glitch can enforce you to shut your website for hours or days. It can cost your rankings and revenue. A reliable maintenance agency consistently monitors your uptime using potent tools. It always works to get your site back instantly before customers identify the glitch.

Technical support

The website maintenance agency has a support team that has technical skills. They specialize in WordPress, so your website layout is finely-tuned without any error. In case, there is an issue, the professionals know how to fix it and get things rolling as expected.

Website speed optimization

Faster page speed results in better conversion, according to survey reports. More than 45% of customers expect a webpage to load within 2 seconds. The WP maintenance agency optimizes images & text and installs a cache system to ensure that your website functions at top speed.

Tracking & reporting

Many site owners are less familiar with the tracking reports or hardly have time to check it. A reliable WP website maintenance firm offers a simple report every month including a summary of the modifications done on your site and other relevant stats.

All the optimization, security, backups, and updates are a waste if your hosting server is slow and unreliable. It is wise to use a website maintenance agency that offers hosting services, so you gain every service under a single roof.