What Assets Can Be Tracked?

When most people think of GPS they immediately conjure up images of software which cars use to get from point A to point B on a map. The reality however is that for businesses, this technology can be used far more broadly, and successfully than that. Asset tracking is one particular area in which companies rely on GPS software, and today we are going to focus on exactly what kind of assets can be tracked.

It is true that fleet management relies heavily on GPS technology, but so too do so many more businesses which use the technology for asset GPS tracking. Here is why it is used and what kinds of assets are tracked using the tech.

Benefits of Asset Tracking

There are two main benefits of asset tracking technology: The first and most important benefit is security, knowing that should any asset be stolen, it can be tracked down to any location. This helps not only in terms of recouping the asset, but also in terms of reducing insurance premiums. The second benefit is identifying exactly where an asset is, whenever it is required. This may sound foolish, the idea of not knowing where something is, but if you consider a large scale manufacturing plant or construction site, you can see how easy it is to lose the location of an asset.

Construction Machinery

Machinery which is used on construction sites is a great example of an asset which needs to be tracked. Construction companies may be working across an enormous site and they may only have a single machine which does a specific job. If that piece of machinery was on the east side of the site on a Friday afternoon, come Monday morning it may be needed elsewhere. The quicker it is tracked down, the less downtime there will be, which thus increases productivity.

Tractors and Farm Equipment

Another example of asset tracking can be found on the farm, where there are all kinds of pieces of specific machinery which is used across a huge site. The farmer needs to know where everything is at all times, in order for them to prepare well and map out their tasks. Using asset tracing technology they can quickly identify where those tools and pieces of machinery are, so that they can be efficient in their work.

Fleet Vehicles

For any company which is working in logistics, their two most important assets are their vehicles and their staff. Staff of course do not need to be tracked, as they will be inside the vehicles which are. This gives a company full visibility as to where all their vehicles are, the status of those journeys and real time information about the entire fleet. This helps from a security standpoint, it increases the security level of the fleet and it can also help to save money by ensuring that each asset is being properly maintained.

As you can see, asset tracking technology can be used in a wide range of businesses and industries.