Know the Difference between Single Color and Tri-Color Ink Cartridges

Besides cartridges providing black ink, most inkjet printers also use individual cartridges to provide each color. There can be a multi-chambered cartridge too that can hold 3 color inks.

If you try to evaluate output devices needed for your business, then often any tri-color ink cartridges may always attract your eye because of their convenience, simplicity, and price. Although all these devices are having their own place in your various computer peripherals, often they may not at all match up with your demand of the workplace.

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Let us now try to understand the basic difference between any tri-color and certain individual ink cartridges. The difference is in fact very straightforward. Your tri-color cartridges are going to be a single unit and will contain all 3 ink colors (e.g. cyan, yellow, and magenta) while an individual type of ink cartridgewill comprise only single printer ink color.

Individual ink cartridges, such as Epson ink cartridges, are inserted into the printer’s printhead. Page yields for tri-color ink cartridges can often be lower than for individual color cartridges.

Usually, tri-color cartridges cannot match the color and tone depth of separate color cartridge systems for photo printing. Individual color cartridge systems are the way to go if you really want professional-looking images.

For your business, any tri-color cartridges may not be the ideal choice if you are interested to print a good deal of color labels. As there will not be as much ink available from your cartridge, it will be possible for you to frequently replace the cartridge.

In case you are interested to print mostly in monochrome and a few matters only in a color that too on certain occasions only then using tri-color cartridges will be most helpful.

However, if you try to look at it more closely then you can find the following few cons of multicolor cartridges.

Qualityof photo

To produce a basic document although 2-cartridge printers can do a reasonably acceptable job, however, if you want to use your inkjet printer as your personal photo lab then you will be disappointed to see the quality.

On the other hand, single-color cartridges can offer richer colors, like

  • Light black
  • Matte black
  • Grey


Using a single cartridge for producing the color documents can be a convenient option, however, if any color is missing then the printer will refuse to print. You have to sacrifice the remaining ink. That is not the case with individual cartridges.


Typically, tricolor cartridges have got a lower yield comparatively and as a result, you will end up spending more cash on the consumables.

2-cartridge inkjet printers may be a bit cheaper and can be an attractive option to many consumers. However, that cost is insignificant as compared to the cost of running low-yield and also high-priced tri-color cartridges.

We hope with the above comparison, you can appreciate the differences between single color and tri-color ink cartridges.