Generally, in campaigns email marketing is one of the crucial ways of advertising. These campaigns include processes such as open rates, delivery rates, conversion rates, and click-through rates. These ensure the overall success of the management by smart optimization of the campaigns. Unfortunately, sometimes emails do not reach the intended email addresses. Thus, email verification is a significant process that enables us to verify the email addresses, even before sending it. This will result in reaching the correct users and increase the deliverability rates. Have a look at this Free Email Verification Tool

What are Email Verifiers?

In simple words, email verifiers are online services that allow salespersons and marketers to validate any emails depending on their volume. Email verifiers can be used easily anytime, anywhere, and from any device. These verifiers do not require any additional resources except an internet connection, as they can easily supported by the vendor of the service and updated by the developers. Snovio Email Verifier is the best example of a modern and rich online email verifier. These verifiers do not run on your IP address, as they can use multiple servers for verification.

How Email Verification Works

The email verification provides the following services for authenticating any email. These are as follows:

1] step one is to check whether the email is free from human errors. This step of verification is known as syntax check, and it is the primary step of authenticating emails in all email verifier services.

2] The second step in the validation of email is domain check. It ensures, whether the domain address exists or not.

3] The third step in the email verification process is email ping. It is one of the advanced steps, and it enables us to determine the active status and check the existence of the server.

Reasons to Verify Emails

Some reasons will make you understand that verifying email is an important step. These reasons include when a person changes his email provider or service, person has changed his email ID within the same provider, the person changes position within a company as in big companies the employee can use multiple email IDs, person whoever is changing his job and at last email public provider is down or dead. All these cases are different and it is checked by using different mechanisms within an email verification.

What Emails Should Be Verified?

All the email lists should be verified because regular verification can improve the work effectively and efficiently. It is always advisable to check new email lists.

How to Choose an Optimal Email Verifier

Choosing the best email verifier is an essential step. While selecting any email verifier tool, there are some features you must look at. These are connectivity, corporate and personal emails, scalability, online service, and multiple verification mechanisms.


Email verifiers are very useful for marketing and campaigns. By verifying your email, you can rapidly improve the deliverability rates. As a result, these will maintain the reputation of your overall business.