Buying Mobile Receipt Printers: Seven Factors to Take into Account

With the help of mobile printers, you can print labels and receipts wherever and whenever you want with the help of mobile printers. These printers help enterprises avoid the hassles of buying stationary over and over again and reloading printers. 

Mobile printers have made printing operations extremely easy. The best way to assess the quality of a mobile printer is to see how productive it is. TSC Printers mobile receipt printer is among such high-quality and efficient mobile printers. 

Seven Factors to Take into Account

The following seven factors are very important for you to take into account while buying a mobile printer:

  • Size

Since the main reason you are going for a mobile printer probably is portability, you need to be very conscious about the size of the printer. 

Large size mobile printers can be annoying. If you want to keep them on a desk somewhere, then you can go for large size mobile printers. Otherwise, always prefer small size mobile printers.

  • Weight

If you need a portable mobile printer that is easy to carry around, then you should be going for lightweight mobile printers. Even though the majority of mobile printers are lightweight, some can still be made of heavy material. 

  • Battery life

Since you will be using your mobile printer for long durations of time, it is very important to check the battery capacity and life of the printer. Also, see how much time the battery requires to charge. 

Preferably, you should go for a mobile printer with high battery life and one that charges fast. Also, make sure you go for a mobile printer with removable batteries. 

  • Print width

Depending on the type and nature of your business needs, decide on what size of labels or receipts you would need to print. Since different mobile printers come with different print width capabilities, always choose the right one according to your needs. 

  • Ruggedness

If the environment is demanding, go for IP54 or higher printers. 

  • Drop-in Media Loading

Check out this feature if you want to prevent jams and print receipts and labels fast. 

  • Security

Go for mobile printers that support wireless security protocols. 


Mobile printing is perhaps among the most amazing recent advancements in the printing industry. These printers are designed for the purpose of improving productivity. They are incredibly easy to use and are portable. Make sure you carefully look at all the features of mobile receipt printers before you decide to buy one.